Men´s shoes sizes


How to Measure Your Feet Correctly


PLEASE NOTE: It is important that you not try to trace your feet yourself. The measurements WILL NOT be correct if you attempt to do this on your own, due to the difference in the distribution of weight on your feet.


1) Stand with legs apart, your feet in line with your shoulders. Keep your core perpendicular to the ground and maintain equal weight distribution on both legs.


2) ave your friend trace the outline of your foot. When tracing, it is important that the pencil remain as perpendicular to the paper as possible. Mark the widest points of the foot on both sides of the tracing.


3) While you are standing with your weight equally balanced, have your friend place a tape measure around your metatarsals at your foot’s widest point, as noted on your tracing from the previous step. This measurement will be noted as the circumference(C). While measuring, the tape should be snug but not uncomfortably tight.


4) Make a mark on your tracing at the center of your heel and at the tip of your longest toe.


5)Draw two straight lines parallel to each other at the longest points of each side of your tracing. Draw a straight line from the mark noting the center of your heel to the tip of your foot. This measurement will be noted as the length(L).

6) Now repeat the process for your other foot. The measurements for each foot are not necessarily going to be the same, though they should be close.

7) To calculate your shoe width, look at the measurement of your foot circumference(C) and length(L):

  • If C is great than L, then you are a wide or “AA” width. AAA is also available for extra wide feet.
  • If C and L are equal, or close, then you are a standard “A” width
  • If C is less than L, then you are a narrow “E” width

PLEASE NOTE: There are exceptions when there is a difference of 0.5cm. For example, if you have a (C) measurement of 23cm and an (L) measurement of 22.5cm, you would be a standard “A” width. If (C) is 23cm and (L) is 23.5cm, again, you would be a standard “A” width.

8) Now please verify your size by comparing it to our attached sizing chart:

Senovilla Centímetros
37.5 24.7
38 25
38.5 25.3
39 25.7
39.5 26
40 26.3
40.5 26.7
41 27
41.5 27.3
42 27.7
42.5 28
43 28.3
43.5 28.7
44 29
44.5 29.3
45 29.7
45.5 30.1



E = Estrecho, A = Ancho, AA = Doble de Ancho